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Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania recognizes the extent of damage a motorcycle accident can cause to the rider and the ride. Just as it does for automotive vehicles, it requires the purchase of insurance for each motorcycle. Asset Planning Insurance Group, LLC of Johnstown, PA wants to help teach you what's required for you to ride legally on Pennsylvania roads.

Insurance Minimums

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) requires each motorcycle owner to purchase a specific level of motorcycle liability insurance. It must include a bodily injury component and a property damage liability component.

The state sets minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance. A motorcyclist must carry the following coverage:

  • bodily injury liability for one person for $15,000
  • bodily injury liability for one accident for $30,000
  • property damage liability for $5,000.

You'll also see this referred to as 15/30/5 coverage.

These minimums make a fine starting point, but consider that the average hospital stay per day in Pennsylvania costs between $790 to $2,209. You quickly realize that $15,000 of coverage could cover only one week of treatment. Also, as Insurance Advisory Service points out, $5,000 for property damage liability won't replace a new vehicle or motorcycle.

Motorcycle Defined

Pennsylvania defines a motorcycle as any two- or three-wheeled vehicle. In addition to two-wheeled motorbikes, it specifically includes:

  • trikes
  • mopeds
  • motor-driven cycles

In Pennsylvania, a moped refers to an operable pedaled cycle with an engine of 1.5-brake horsepower or less and a 50 cubic centimeters or less cylinder capacity that uses automatic transmission and can't travel at speeds greater than 25 miles per hour. It also refers to an operable pedaled cycle with an electric motor powered by an electric battery. A motor-driven cycle, either a motorcycle, motor scooter, or trike with an engine of five-brake horsepower or less.

Visit Asset Planning Insurance Group, LLC at our Johnstown, PA office to learn more about motorcycle insurance. We can help you find the policy that helps keep you covered.

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