Why Should You Purchase Renter’s Insurance When You Do Not Own The Property?

Are you are a renter in the Johnstown, PA area?

If so you should call us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC to discuss your renter insurance needs. Many people who do not own their home do not realize the many perks of having their own insurance policy for their rental. 

Your landlord’s insurance policy will protect them and their assets. This means if the building burns down, or a natural disaster occurs, you may be responsible to cover the losses of your own property. Where does this leave the tenants? The building owner’s policy may cover the cost of a motel rental for the tenants or it may not, but it will not cover the personal belongings of each tenant in any case.

If you purchase your own renter’s insurance policy, then you will be covered for a variety of events that you cannot control. For example, depending on the policy and the circumstances around the event, you may have full personal property compensation and motel stay coverage if your neighbors burn down a shared wall and destroy your entertainment center and paintings. There are many situations where you may have property damage or need to stay in an alternate location and renter’s insurance can help, depending on the details of your personal policy. 

Contact us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC to discuss your insurance needs in Johnstown, PA. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about renter’s insurance or any other type of insurance. We love to see our clients fully protected from whatever life may throw their way, and we offer reliable policies for the coverage. 

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