What type of insurance coverage does one need for a motorcycle?

Whether you drive your motorcycle across the country or just around the Johnstown, PA area, it is crucial to put in place a comprehensive insurance package that best suits your needs. Not all policies are the same, so it is essential to discuss with your agent at Asset Planning Insurance Agency which coverages are the appropriate ones for your particular needs. 

Liability Coverage 

Liability is the one coverage that you are required to carry by law. Liability coverage will help cover the cost of damages caused to a third party as a result of an accident in which you are at fault. There is a minimum required by law, but like auto insurance, it is wise to carry limits over the requirement. 

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage 

The second type of coverage you will want to consider is comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage will cover the cost to repair or replace your motorcycle in the event you are in an accident. Comprehensive coverage will cover events outside an accident, such as theft or damage caused by a storm. 

Medical Payments 

Even the most skilled motorcycle driver can end up hurt in an accident. Medical coverage will help cover your bills in the event you are in an accident. Injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident can quickly skyrocket, so medical payment coverage is essential coverage to consider. 

Lay-up period

In the event you plan to put your bike in storage for the long Pennsylvania winters, you may want to consider lay-up period coverage, which will protect you in the event your motorcycle is damaged or stolen while it is in storage. It is critical not to drive the bike during this period as you will not have any liability coverage. 

If you would like to learn more about any of these insurance options, please reach out to an agent at Asset Planning Insurance Agency today. We proudly serve the Johnstown, PA area. 

Is Boat Insurance Necessary During The Winter?

Those who own a boat may not know how important it is to have boat insurance during the warm months when it will be used. Additionally, most who do have insurance are unclear about the need for insurance during the cold weather months. 

Boat Insurance During Winter

Depending on the circumstances, boat insurance may be necessary during the winter months. People who plan to use their boats in the winter are subject to the hazards they might now face during the warm weather months. Having boat insurance in those instances is necessary. However, if the craft is going to be stored or parked on a trailer on personal property until the winter passes, boat insurance may not be necessary. Home insurance will usually cover a boat parked on personal property. If the boat is in commercial dry storage, the liability insurance of the business will cover the boat while it is located on the property. Before making any assumptions, however, make sure to check with the insurance company carrying the home insurance to make sure the craft is protected when parked on personal property. 

Getting the Right Amount of Boat Coverage

It is important to understand exactly how a boat will be protected by insurance during different circumstances. Before moving a boat or putting it in the water, check with an insurance agent to get a clear picture about the insurance policy needed to offer complete coverage. Those who plan to have a boat near Somerset or Johnstown, PA should consult with Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC to get an understanding of how to protect the vessel year-round and in a variety of storage circumstances. 

Boat insurance can be complicated without the guidance and assistance of an experienced insurance agent. Call or stop by Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC, serving Johnstown, PA, to find out more about boat insurance and how to protect from losses. 

3 ways to Maintain Your Car’s Value

Your car is one of the most valuable items you will ever purchase. For it to maintain its value, you need to take proper care of it. The agents from Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC, serve residents who live in Johnstown, PA, and can help you find the auto insurance policies you need. 

Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule

One of the most important and useful ways to help your car hold its value is to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is essential. When you get your oil changed, you should also check your air and fuel filters, as well. 

Park in a Garage if Possible

Protect your vehicle and help it hold its value by parking it in a garage or under a carport. Protecting your car from the elements will help to prevent the paint from fading and keep it looking it’s very best. Putting your vehicle in a garage every night also keeps it safe from vandals.

Drive in a Safe Manner

Driving safely reduces wear and tear on your car. It also dramatically reduces your risk of being involved in an accident. Driving at an appropriate speed can also improve your gas mileage. Avoid rough terrain, and don’t slam on your brakes if you can prevent it.

In Johnstown, PA, the agents of Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC can provide you with a variety of tips to assist you in caring for your vehicle. The better you care for your car, the longer it will hold its value and provide you with many miles of service.


How Does Umbrella Coverage Work?

Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC, works closely with our friends in Somerset and Johnstown, PA to select a reliable insurance policy for all of your assets. Whether you’re insuring your home, auto, business, or anything in between, having the right amount of coverage can make a huge difference during a time of crisis. But what happens when the standard limit to your policy isn’t enough to cover claims made against you? That’s where umbrella coverage comes in.

How It Works

As a type of liability insurance, umbrella coverage is used for situations where you are sued or otherwise held legally accountable for an injury or damage to another party, and the limit of your standard liability insurance is exhausted. In short, it is an extra layer of protection to keep you from having to pay out-of-pocket for legal expenses or damages in a liability case. Without an umbrella policy, you would have to pay the difference once your regular policy reaches its limit.

What It’s Good For

There are many situations where umbrella coverage can be beneficial. Just a few include:

  • Major car accidents where you or a family member are found liable for damages and injury to multiple persons or properties
  • Someone sues you for injuries sustained while on your property
  • Protection in cases of libel, slander, or defamation
  • Coverage for accidents that occur on your commercial property or damage caused by yourself or employees during business operations on another person’s property

Umbrella coverage can also offer a safety net in unique cases where your average policy does not cover the situation at hand. This can include losses from cybercrimes such as hacking and data loss.

If you reside in the Somerset or Johnstown, PA area and are interested in learning more about umbrella insurance, please reach out to Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC today!


3 Tips for Buying Flood Insurance in Pennsylvania

Flooding is a disaster that can wreck your property. Whether by an act of nature or a faulty roof or pipes, flooding causes water damage that gets very expensive if it’s not taken care of right away. If you live in Johnstown, PA, you may want to consider protecting your property with a flood insurance policy. At Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC, we’ve put together a shortlist of tips to help you get started. Read on to learn how to find the right flood insurance policy

1. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

One way to save money on a new flood insurance policy is to bundle it with your other policies under one insurance company. Bundle your home, life, auto, boat, commercial, umbrella, and other policies to save money on your premiums. You can stay with your current insurance provider or switch to a new one for added savings and quality coverage.

2. Compare Several Quotes

It’s recommended to compare two or more quotes before making a decision. Your insurance agent can help you with this. They will go over the details, explaining both the coverage and cost to help you find the right policy for your needs.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

If you’re looking to save money and find the right flood insurance policy, it’s essential to work with a reputable agent. At Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC, our trusted agents will answer your questions and address concerns while taking the time to find the right policy for you. To learn more about acquiring a flood insurance policy in Johnstown, PA, give us a call today. We serve this area and can be reached at 814-536-1040.

Who You Can Name as a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Life insurance is something people may put off until a later date because of the nature of this type of coverage. It is important to take responsibility and consider who will be the beneficiaries of your policy. There are several parties that you may choose as beneficiaries whether you have family or primarily live alone. Researching the possibilities can help you make better plans for the future and protect loved ones from sudden loss while ensuring your assets go to the appropriate beneficiaries.


The most common beneficiaries are usually family members. Family members who are dependent on you for financial support can suffer hardship if they are not named in your policy. You will need to decide who is the primary beneficiary and can add contingent members as well. Many people will choose spouses, but any family member can be named as the primary or contingent beneficiary. 


You can name the administrator of your estate as a beneficiary. A will must be drawn up beforehand and the estate beneficiary must be approved by the probate court. This can be a long process and is not always the first choice of beneficiary. However, there can be advantages to this type of beneficiary. More complex distribution of assets and funds can be arranged with this type of beneficiary. 

Other Beneficiaries

Some other beneficiaries include charities which can be the primary or contingent beneficiary, trusts, and key persons which allows business owners to name co-owners as beneficiaries. There are not many restrictions aside from naming minors on who can be a beneficiary or not.

Call or stop into Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC of Johnstown, PA to schedule an appointment with one of our courteous representatives. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right life insurance policy and naming the beneficiaries who are most important to you.

Does Health Insurance Cover Rare Diseases?

Your average health insurance is all that most people need to have in order to be safe and to have their medical needs met. For some however, their disease or disorder is rare and does require a bit more coverage or a more specific type of coverage. For those in the Johnstown PA area, the agents with Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC can help you find the right coverage for you.

For those that do have a rare disease normal health insurance may not cover the cost of their treatment and may not cover their particular disorder or disease. It is always best to take a look at your policy to see just what it covers and to determine if it covers their particular disease. For very rare diseases, you can get special coverage or more coverage to make up for the cost of your treatment. In some cases, you may not qualify for certain coverages and certain insurance companies may not be willing to insure you. It is helpful to look at your coverage and see if there are any extras you can add that will help to cover your disease.

The right agent can help you to figure out what your current policy covers and what extra or additional coverage you might need to get the best care for your particular condition or illness. Rare diseases are not something that most insurance companies have to deal with but when they do, there are ways that you can get the coverage that you need. For those that live in the Johnstown, PA area, the agents with Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC can help you find the coverage that is going to work best for you and for your particular health concerns and conditions.

Flat Tires and Auto Insurance: How Your Rates Get Affected

When you’re driving in Johnstown, PA, the last thing you want to experience is a flat tire. Unfortunately, this situation can happen, and it is very frustrating. Does it affect your coverage and will your insurance pay for repairs? Let us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC explain this situation to you.

Your Policy is Unlikely to Be Affected 

Flat tires rarely affect your insurance policy for several reasons. First of all, most plans will cover only a handful of flat-tire circumstances. As a result, damage caused to your tires won’t affect your policy because they won’t have to cover it. However, frequent flat tires and regular tows may affect your insurance because they show you are an unsafe driver.

Flat Tires May Not Be Covered 

Your insurance won’t cover flat tires caused by general wear and tear. For example, if you put an inappropriate amount of air in the tires and created a blowout, your insurance company is likely to deny a claim. This fact will vary depending on your company and your policy, though. Flat tires caused by road damage typically won’t be covered either. Damage to your vehicle caused by flats, though, is included. 

A Policy May Cover Slashed Tires 

If your flat tire is due to somebody damaging it, your comprehensive coverage plan will replace your tires. These plans will compensate for vandalism and get you a replacement tire that suits your needs. Remember, though, that you need to pay your deductible before coverage goes into play. As a result, you’ll likely rarely use this policy if you only get one tire slashed. 

Get Help to Find a Great Policy 

If you live in Johnstown, PA and are worried about flat tires on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC to learn more. Our experts will find you a policy that protects you and will make sure that you don’t pay too much money at the same time. 

How to Prepare Your Business for Buying Commercial Insurance

Whether you’re starting a new business in Johnstown, PA or shopping a different policy, it’s important to know the current facts about your company to get the right coverage that protects your assets. Here’s three tips from Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC to help simplify the process of shopping insurance. 

1. Determine Your Risks

Does your business have adequate worker’s compensation for your staff size? Will you need liability coverage for your products, personnel, or both? And if so, how much? Find out what types of risks your business is likely to run into that you plan for the insurance to cover. Ensure that everything on your property is compliant with safety laws and regulations. Consider additional policies and riders as needed. A business owner’s policy can help bundle several riders into one policy.

2. Find a Reputed Agent

Insurance companies may try to sell you extra products, but independent agents are motivated to help you find the insurance your business needs. Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC has the expertise to help you find the right products for your company and guide you through the process from start to finish. 

3. Review Your Policy Each Year

Prices can change depending on the product, rate changes, and which insurance company you buy from. Make sure you shop around periodically to get the best savings. Your business may also be eligible for policy discounts if certain qualifications are met to reduce liability and safety risks. Ask your insurance agent for more details. 

Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Insurance

Not sure where to begin? No problem. Contact our knowledgeable staff today for all your questions about commercial insurance in the Johnstown, PA area. We look forward to assisting you!

How Often Should I Have My Homeowners Insurance Reviewed?

The agents of Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC understand that things change. They make themselves available to their clients who live in the Johnstown, PA area and are facing changes that could alter the type and amount of homeowners coverage they need. Reviewing their homeowners’ policy at least once a year or ever two or three years if there are no significant changes in the near future.

Life Changes

Life changes are often a major reason to review a homeowners’ policy. A new baby or the last child leaving for college are huge transitions. As your children grow, you may see an increase in the number of electronic devices you find in your home. You may even upgrade your furniture. Both of these life changes can substantially increase the value of the contents of your home. Making sure you are fully insured means that you won’t be at a loss to replace those newer items if the unthinkable happens.

Home Changes

The birth of a new baby may mean renovations to the home. Adding a nursery, swimming pool, or any other significant structural changes will increase the overall value of your home. Increasing the amount of insurance you have in place will protect your investment as well as cover your liability.

Residents in Johnstown, PA can look to the agents of Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC for all of their homeowners’ insurance needs. The agents have the answers to all of the most frequently asked questions and are available to help figure out the right answer for you. Call and set up your appointment today to make sure your home is fully insured and your investment is protected.