How to avoid home insurance claims this spring

The spring season is finally here. The beautiful warm weather comes with many opportunities to get your home back in shape. A few tune-ups, particularly on the outside, can help prevent damages that could have been caused by the winter elements. Frozen or burst pipes, fallen branches, and cracked roofs are quite common in Somerset and Johnstown, PA, and can cause a severe toll on your wallet. 

However, if you have a home insurance policy, you may want to avoid unnecessary claims by taking specific measures. Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC explains how you can prevent home insurance claims.

Thoroughly inspect the roof

With the warm weather first hitting your roof, you may need to seriously consider checking it from end to end to make sure that there are no cracks or any eye-brow raising damage. Are there any missing shingles? weak spots? or overflowing gutters? If there are any, you can call a professional to fix it before the problem escalates.

Check for uneven flooring

The winter season can be harsh and deadly to your floor and walkways outside your home. It may cause cracks and ugly marks that ultimately make the surface of your home look uneven and irregular. However, you can always save the situation by acting early and smoothening your home’s walkways to reduce the chances of people tripping and getting injured on your property.

Avoid fire hazards

Get rid of the paper clutter and dust that could have accumulated in your home to reduce the chances of starting a fire in your home. Old newspapers and dust are the most common culprits when fires are concerned. As you clean, dispose of or shred unnecessary paperwork to decrease fire risk.

There are many things that you can do to avoid insurance claims during the spring season. If you still need more information on staying safe with home insurance, Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC is here to help. Feel free to visit us in Johnstown, PA today!