Is Boat Insurance Necessary During The Winter?

Those who own a boat may not know how important it is to have boat insurance during the warm months when it will be used. Additionally, most who do have insurance are unclear about the need for insurance during the cold weather months. 

Boat Insurance During Winter

Depending on the circumstances, boat insurance may be necessary during the winter months. People who plan to use their boats in the winter are subject to the hazards they might now face during the warm weather months. Having boat insurance in those instances is necessary. However, if the craft is going to be stored or parked on a trailer on personal property until the winter passes, boat insurance may not be necessary. Home insurance will usually cover a boat parked on personal property. If the boat is in commercial dry storage, the liability insurance of the business will cover the boat while it is located on the property. Before making any assumptions, however, make sure to check with the insurance company carrying the home insurance to make sure the craft is protected when parked on personal property. 

Getting the Right Amount of Boat Coverage

It is important to understand exactly how a boat will be protected by insurance during different circumstances. Before moving a boat or putting it in the water, check with an insurance agent to get a clear picture about the insurance policy needed to offer complete coverage. Those who plan to have a boat near Somerset or Johnstown, PA should consult with Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC to get an understanding of how to protect the vessel year-round and in a variety of storage circumstances. 

Boat insurance can be complicated without the guidance and assistance of an experienced insurance agent. Call or stop by Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC, serving Johnstown, PA, to find out more about boat insurance and how to protect from losses.