Flat Tires and Auto Insurance: How Your Rates Get Affected

When you’re driving in Johnstown, PA, the last thing you want to experience is a flat tire. Unfortunately, this situation can happen, and it is very frustrating. Does it affect your coverage and will your insurance pay for repairs? Let us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC explain this situation to you.

Your Policy is Unlikely to Be Affected 

Flat tires rarely affect your insurance policy for several reasons. First of all, most plans will cover only a handful of flat-tire circumstances. As a result, damage caused to your tires won’t affect your policy because they won’t have to cover it. However, frequent flat tires and regular tows may affect your insurance because they show you are an unsafe driver.

Flat Tires May Not Be Covered 

Your insurance won’t cover flat tires caused by general wear and tear. For example, if you put an inappropriate amount of air in the tires and created a blowout, your insurance company is likely to deny a claim. This fact will vary depending on your company and your policy, though. Flat tires caused by road damage typically won’t be covered either. Damage to your vehicle caused by flats, though, is included. 

A Policy May Cover Slashed Tires 

If your flat tire is due to somebody damaging it, your comprehensive coverage plan will replace your tires. These plans will compensate for vandalism and get you a replacement tire that suits your needs. Remember, though, that you need to pay your deductible before coverage goes into play. As a result, you’ll likely rarely use this policy if you only get one tire slashed. 

Get Help to Find a Great Policy 

If you live in Johnstown, PA and are worried about flat tires on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us at Asset Planning Insurance Agency LLC to learn more. Our experts will find you a policy that protects you and will make sure that you don’t pay too much money at the same time.