3 Benefits of Renters Insurance

Although purchasing insurance for a home you own is mandatory in some cases with a lender, renter’s insurance is an optional form of coverage that often goes overlooked by those doing the renting. However, purchasing a renter’s insurance policy is a great idea for anyone who is renting their home or apartment. That said, let’s take a closer look at the following three benefits of renter’s insurance. 

Theft Protection

Although the potential theft might be the last thing on your mind with regards to renting a home, purchasing a renter’s insurance policy is an excellent way to protect your belongings. Unless you can prove that your home was robbed as the result of negligence on behalf of the homeowner, it is highly unlikely that you will be repaid for any damages that occur as a result of your home or apartment being burglarized.

Fire and Wind Damage

On another note, the potential for a fire or your home to become damaged as the result of high winds is ever-present in many areas. Given the insurmountable damages that are often caused by fires or wind damage, purchasing a renter’s insurance policy beforehand is one great way to get ahead of the problem.


A highly affordable method of protecting your home and belongings, renter’s insurance policies are typically very inexpensive when compared to other forms of insurance. Given that this is a way to protect your home, belongings, and even the people who visit or inhabit it, it makes sense to make this small investment to ensure your home and family are well-protected.

Overall, for those who live in Johnstown, PA  and are seeking renter’s insurance, Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC is an excellent option. No matter if you purchase renter’s insurance alone or opt to purchase a bundle deal including auto and any other type of insurance you need, Asset Planning Insurance Agency, LLC is here to serve you. Call, email, or stop by our Johnstown, PA office to find out how to start your policy at once and hopefully save yourself some money.